Who is behind Inkatura?

Inkatura is the creative portfolio of Nevena Petrova – bulgarian artist, graphic designer and illustrator. She studied Fine arts, Animation and Graphic design. At the moment she works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.



I aim to provoke myself and others with my art – to think and feel, to detach from the daily routine of life. My desire is to drive people (as well as myself) to the point of enlightment through my art. The medium could vary – from type design to watercolour painting but the purpose is always the same.

When I say ‘art’ I mean everything that I create, that has been transformed through my unique prism of imagination or simply invented. Art is a journey to and with one’s soul. It is a reviving and powerful experience. Art usually carries a message, and that’s the gratest part – to be able to communicate with the world through the means of shape, form, color, movement, image, symbols, conditional space; to be able to express oneself in other ways than speech and conventional thought.

I find inspiration in nature, mountains, clouds, rain, colours, people, children, different cultures, typography, music, photography.